Our Story

Where are we based?

Corazi is a North American company, with its main headquarters and warehouse situated in Toronto, Ontario and satellite remote offices in Michigan, US. Our Canadian customers enjoy the luxury of not having to pay duty on purchases, and rapid quick delivery within 2-4 business day.

International shipping may take anywhere from 7-21 business days (depending on location). The majority of our international shipments which have gone out, arrived at the customers premises within 7-10 business days. The best perk, we offer Free Worldwide Shipping!

The Meaning

Corazi – derived from the word Corazon, which in Spanish means heart. Heart, is what the Corazi brand was founded on. We had a vision and true passion for timepieces and for life. Life revolves around time. Time with family, time with friends, time travelling to different countries of the world and time experiencing different things and meeting new people.


Our ideas came to light in the summer of 2015. We realized, many watch designs looked the same, year over year, with not many changes in style, characteristics, or versatility. We loved the idea of swapping out the typical leather strap for something different, to change the look, mood, and feel of the watch. The first two styles we thought about was the stainless steel mesh and nylon for two very distinct and unique looks. We also love accessories while wearing watches, and so the idea of designing and creating matching bracelets was a no brainer.

In late 2015, we traveled three continents and began visiting watch and clock tradeshows, along with factories, and began interviewing. Once we found a factory which aligned with our mission and goals, which is to pay the highest attention to detail on quality and workmanship, we locked them in for production. The next stage was to begin designing, and with the support of an Italian based company for the fine details and finalized touches, we completed our first collection. It took us until mid 2016 to have our designs finalized and our factories selected.

In 2016-2017, we began prototyping and the full production of our watch products. During this time, we began designing our bracelet collections, selected a factory and also started production.

Our official launch for all product lines occurred in December of 2017.

How Do We Differentiate?

It took heart, creativity, and courage to pursue our passion. What sets us apart is our quality components at an affordable price and our interchangeable quick-release straps that make our watches stand out from the rest.

Verst Watch Collection

We did not cut any corners when building the specifications of our Verst Watch Series. Our Verst Collection is equipped with a Swiss Made Movement, Double Dome Sapphire Crystal Glass, Italian Leather Straps with Quick Release Spring Bars, and Water Resistance rated at 5 ATM.

Mesh Straps

We offer the option to quickly and easily interchange your leather straps for stainless steel mesh. Our stainless steel mesh straps also include quick release spring bars so you can easily interchange them with your leather in just a few short seconds. Available in 4 finishes to match any of our Verst Watch models.

Nylon/Nato Straps

Are you frequently on the move? Do you often travel? Are you an active person? If so, you will love our nylon straps! Our nylon strap give your watch a dressed down, casual look, and is extremely lightweight and comfortable. We also include quick release spring bars with our nylon straps to ensure you can easily interchange them with our leather and mesh straps, on the fly!


We have custom designed and meticulously sourced our stones and materials from around the globe for quality and precision. We designed our bracelets and sized them to perfection at 8mm, in order to give that flawless and balanced look when paired with your Verst Watch. Our Tiger’s Eye models will match any of our watches, and the remaining models have neutral color beads and charms which will match any of our watch cases (Silver, Black, Rose Gold and Gold)

Our Promise

We aim to ensure our customers receive a quality timepiece, one that inspires them to take the time for what truly matters, to live a life filled with endless experiences and adventures filled with heart. Follow us to be part of our journey in providing not just a watch, but a lifestyle that inspires all to live your best life.