Our Story - bkup

Corazi – derived from the word Corazon, which in Spanish means heart.  Heart, is what the Corazi brand was founded on.  We had a vision and true passion for timepieces and for life. 

Life revolves around time. Time with family, time with friends, time travelling to different countries of the world and time experiencing different things and meeting new people.

We live in a world where busyness is the norm and we are always rushing against the clock.  From the office to the gym to social outings, there seems to always be a shortage of time.

From Europe to Asia, we have traveled all over the world to find the finest factories and to handpick each quality component.  We aim to ensure our customers receive a quality timepiece, one that inspires them to take the time for what truly matters, to live a life filled with endless experiences and adventures filled with heart.

What sets us apart is our quality components at an affordable price and our interchangeable quick-release straps that make our watches stand out from the rest.

It took heart, creativity, and courage to pursue our passion.  It has been three years in the making and we have introduced our first collection, The Verst Series.

Verst is the first of many timepieces we have designed and meticulously created. Follow us to be part of our journey in providing not just a watch, but a lifestyle that inspires all to live your best life.


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